• Micah Kidd

Zinc lozenges and the common cold

Updated: Jan 9

Zinc Lozenges. What? Why?

As shift workers our immune systems weakened and we are vulnerable to EVERYTHING going.

(This is not news, right?)

Zinc Lozenges are well researched (Happy to share the references) as an immune booster.

The research shows that Zinc Acetate (taken six times a day) can knock a common cold out up to 40% quicker.

The Zinc MUST be Zinc Acetate not Zinc Gluconate don't just buy ANY zinc and must be in lozenge form.

Don't use it as a supplement to safeguard against illness!!

Only take lozenges when you feel the onset of a cold and only take it for a short period. Too much zinc over time can lead to copper and iron deficiencies.

Here is a link to a good brand (this is not a referral link I do that so you know I am without bias)




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