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How Parents Leave Feedback

Updated: Jun 15

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Updated 6/14/20

I have two scripts that you can copy and paste into your student feedback or WeChat. I also have two images that you can simply upload to Wechat as well if you wish to do it that way.

This 100% works!! I have already received lots of feedback from teachers.

Preface them with a blurb in English about your feedback needs.


Credit goes to Teacher Annabelle C of the Hutong. Thankyou!!!

【VIPKID英语】APP-【课程】–【课表】–【列表模式】–【已上课程】进入找到对应课程卡片,点击评价外教 -然后点击相应的课程

Translation: app - course - timetable - list mode - courses already taken, enter to find the corresponding course card, and click evaluate foreign teachers. Then click the corresponding class.


Here is a longer step by step guide



1: Enter mobile app 2: Click “course” in the bottom column to see a “course of the week” 3: Click on the “schedule” next to this week’s course 4: Enter the calendar mode in the timetable to find the date of the class 5: Click the date, the teacher’s picture will be displayed, and there are three options below, namely: “evaluate teacher”, “course report” and “course playback” 6: Click “evaluate teacher” to see five apple and evaluation options 7: After evaluation, click to comment

There is now a longer version created with the help of Daniel Cai who is a Chinese person living in China. He runs a group on Facebook. All Things China for Vipkid Teachers

请您有空的时候帮忙给我的课程打分评价。这对于我的工作来说非常重要,甚至和我的工资也息息相关。我努力上好每一堂课,希望能成为您心中的五星级外教老师。 麻烦您给我之前的课程也顺手给个五颗星评价。谢谢您的理解和支持! 如何给VIPKID老师反馈和评价?
打开【VIPKID英语】APP-【课程】–【课表】–【列表模式】–【已上课程】进入找到对应课程卡片,点击评价外教 -然后点击相应的课程

This is simply a picture of what it looks like in their app.

Images to share to parents on Chinese social media such as WeChat

Alternative Solutions

Other tactics that some teachers are using include writing the LP to have them encourage and help the parent leave feedback.

Dear LP,

Please encourage parents to rate teaching with apples. It is very important to all teachers to know how we are doing in class. I love teaching our children. I am thankful for them all. I am also thankful for you. You are wonderful!

Thank you!

Teacher ___________

Write a Ticket!

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