• Micah Kidd

ClassPass 6 Apple Reward

Updated: Feb 14

ClassPass is a reward available through the Six apple club, it is open to all levels so everyone can use this. This article will explain what you actually get, how to claim your account how this works and tell you some pros and cons.

What do I get?

To make a long story short, you get a special subscription rate. There are several plans including a free plan. The free plan gives you access to digital content as well as the ability to buy credits at a discounted rate. The credits can then be used to attend all types of health clubs and studios that belong to the Class Pass network.

How to claim the reward.

Access ClassPass teacher deals:

1. Go to your Six Apple Page

2. Under Wellness, you should be able to access ClassPass' website through the Pop-up window

3. Once you are there, you can make a new account or upgrade an existing one

- Deals for teacher are

1. 10% off monthly membership

2. Free access to all digital content (even without paying for a membership)

As part of the sign up process, you have to enter a credit card and cell number even if you do choose the free option. They text you a code so as to limit accounts to one per person.

You will choose a plan, you can select the free plan or choose one of the discounted paid plans. (Monthly plans will be discussed in further details below.)

Why do they need my credit card?

Even with the free plan you have the ability to purchase credits to use towards classes. They don't charge you, but they'd like to make it easy for you to buy credits.

Digital Content

They have many different types of videos and categories. Yes, you could probably get similar stuff just as easily for free from youtube channels like fitness blender. ClassPass has an app and it gives you a library of workout videos all in one place. That’s what you get for free.

With the digital plan you can still buy add on credits within the app, so if you are traveling, say to Journey, and would like to go to some classes with your friends or fellow teachers you can simply buy 10 credits and sign up immediately!

What are credits?

Credits are ClassPass's currency. Depending on which plan you sign up for you are allotted a certain amount of credits each month. You can use these credits to book classes at fitness studios or wellness appointments such as massage or pedicures. The credit cost can fluctuate depending on location, studio popularity, and time of day.If you do not use all your credits one month, a maximum of 10 credits rollover.

Here is an example of how it works.

Through the app I searched my area for available gyms. I found the nearest one to me to be 360 Power Hour, a boutique gym that offers group training sessions. As you can see the class I want to go to has a cost of 5 credits.

I would click on the box that says 5 credits and confirm my reservation, 5 credits would be charged to my account if I had them or else I would be prompted to purchase them.

How do I get Credits?

There are two primary ways to get credits:

  1. Subscribe to a paid monthly plan.

  2. Buy them Ala carte

Subscribe to a monthly plan

For a monthly fee you would get a certain amount of credits during your billing cycle, up to 10 would roll over into the next cycle. It’s important to mention that the free plan is still a subscription plan, I am simply using the term in reference to paid plans.

Here are the plans available to us.

For comparison sakes, below is the pricing if you were not a Vipkid teacher.

It can be a little hard to compare the two pay structures but basically you end up with around a 15-40 cents savings per credit with Vipkid depending on the plan. Oddly enough the larger gap starts at the cheapest plans.

Buying credits

This is a really cool feature. If you didn’t have your Vipkid corporate access to ClassPass, subscribing to a plan would be your main method of getting credits. It doesn’t appear that you could just buy credits ala carte without a paid plan so this is a nice feature.

Even if I don’t subscribe to a plan that gives me credits, I can purchase credits. The rate is about $2 per credit + $2 charge is what I found or you can buy package deals starting at $20 for 10 credits.

Why would someone use this?

  • Drop in prices for boutique gyms are through the roof. It was $25 for the studio I went to, I paid less than half of that.

  • If you like to try different places. You could do the free trial thing but that comes with a cost, you will be worked on by a salesman. With ClassPass I did not feel that way. You can also only do the trial thing so much.

  • ClassPass travels, you might not normally use it, but are on vacation maybe at Vipkid Journey, use Classpass to find a gym near you and get that workout in.

  • There are times when a monthly membership just isn’t worth it. Maybe I want to only go to a certain studio twice a month for example, the studios pricing plans usually make it so that I am forced into a long term commitment.

What are some drawbacks?

  • The main drawback I see is one of geography, it appears to be great for larger cities but how does this work in more rural areas?

  • Cancellation and no show fees. It’s in the fine print. 12 hour cancellations are $12 and a no show is $20. This can actually be seen as a plus as it makes sure you don't cancel.

Checking your area for studios

International Teachers

They do have some places outside of North America, you simply need to check the app to see.

Final Thoughts

I was really skeptical at first. Now after having actually used it I like it!! It's cool, I can try out a lot of cool boutique studios in my area for cheap I can even use credits for gym time at the YMCA. I plan to research if I would still get free child care that way. I can see some cool stuff coming from this, wellness meetups for teachers as just an example. I could have local teachers meetup at a local yoga studio and it would only cost them about $10. I live in Las Vegas and the options you can book range from Gym time, Pilates, stretching, workout sessions even things like facials and Cryotherapy, other teachers who might be living in more isolated places will see less option.


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