Health Teacher Communities

Online communities are one of the best advantages we have to combat our health challenges. As I studied nurses and how they deal with the woes of shift work I was surprised to find that Vipkid teachers had a much more robust and understanding community from which to lean on.


So many nurses expressed how they wish they could just have others to talk to like Vipkid teachers do. This is our strength.

There is no one community that can meet the needs over everyone.  One community may not be your cup of tea, while another might be exactly what motivates you. 

Facebook groups are a great place to go for support and to ask questions. Teachers love to help one another out so whether you need accountability, or you just want to learn from other teachers who are also on the weight watchers diet, facebook groups can be a great resource.

Instagram from what I am seeing is a great place for engagement. I like what I am seeing as far as participation. 

None of the groups recommended by this site allow MLM sales or personal promotions I think this is important to maintain a fun group for all people.

VipKid Health and Wellness

This is my own personal page where I give tips and information specific to the occupation of online teaching.

VipKid Weight Loss Contest

Teachers compete for monetary prizes. By special invitation only. Contact if you would like to join or send a message to @vipkidhealth on instagram or Facebook. You may also DM me on my Facebook account Micah Kidd.

Vipkid teachers who run

We’re just a group of tired and exhausted teachers trying to motivate each other to do the things we love. Drop your race dates so we can encourage you and cheer you on! If you finds vipkid friends at the same races drop your pics!

VIPKID Mental Health & Wellness Group

Dr Julie Connor runs this group. 


The VIPKID MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS Facebook Group is a place to nourish your heart and spirit. In this group, you will find:
* motivating quotes
* informative articles related to mental health and wellness
* discussion about issues related mental health and wellness
* share resources
* learn about holistic practices 
* find meditation tips
* discover mindfulness
* watch inspirational videos

VIPKid - staying fab, fit & fun

Very well run group, this is one of the most active and largest fitness communities. Working from home can be overwhelming. If you are married, or have children sometimes it can be hard to find balance in your life. WE ARE HERE TO HELP EACH OTHER FIND IT! 

VipKid Yogis

This group is meant for VIPKid teachers that are also interested in yoga. All body types, levels, ages, and yoga styles are welcome. If you are curious and have questions ask away. If you have ideas please share. Share poses, equipment usage, progress, yoga flows, and anything yoga.

VipKid Steppers

This group is for VIPKID teachers who are participating in (or want to join) our regular Stepbets. Stepbets are a fun, friendly competition (with yourself) to meet step goals. You make a bet by paying your wager (usually $20 to $40) through the app. This money is held for you until you complete the bet. If you meet your goals for all 6 weeks, your money is returned to you. If you do not, you forfeit your cash and it is split among the other group members that did meet their goals. (This is all controlled by the app. FB group admins never see your money and are not involved with this process. Your agreement to participate is with WayBetter, the makers of Stepbet.)

VIPKID: Health, Wellness, and Gym Selfies

These guys are cool, they lift weights and run mostly. Share pictures, recipes, tips, workouts, stories, selfies, and whatever else you want that promotes health, fitness, and well-being.

VipKid Fit Teaches

Hey fellow teachers! You all are amazing and I only think fellow teachers can know what a toll teaching for VIPKid can take on our physical health. I thought I would create a group where we could motivate each other, cheer each other on, laugh at our short comings, and challenge each other!

VipKid Spoonies

This is a group for VIPKID teachers who are living with chronic illness, chronic pain, or disability.

VIPKID Teachers Doin’ the Double-Dubs (WW)

Just what it says. VipKid teachers who use weight watchers.

VIPKID: 7 Baby Steps To Financial Freedom (the Dave Ramsey plan)


Not a fitness site, but sometimes getting your finances in order and reducing stress is the best thing for your health.


The goal of this group is to form an association of professional, online teachers, residing in the United States, who will ban together to purchase an Association Health Care Plan that will span across state lines, nationwide.


Self promoting here bit. My goal is not to be the one voice of health and wellness, but to empower everyone else to be those voices.


She runs a really great account where she just motivates and encourages others to workout. She does a weekly raffle for posting workout vids and pics with the #vipkidworkoutbuddies 


She shares some very nice tips. 


Workout videos, motivation, it's all there.


I actually have no idea who this is but she's a vipkid teacher, has a huge following and does fitness stuff.


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The sole purpose of this site is to serve as a resource of online ESL teachers. To educate and promote safe occupational health measures that to enhance the teaching experience.