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You are a pioneer!

More and more people are transitioning to work from home style jobs, they are moving to an economy that is more and more remote based. 

We are still at a point where the idea of working for home still seems novel, unique and even strange to the people who are still working in the old economy. This was true of technology since the beginning. At first people thought that storing things on hard drives was strange, then shopping online was something only techie people did, online dating was for people who couldn’t go out and get a real date, the list could go on and on. One thing is certain, this new economy is only going to grow.


What does this all mean?

It means a great deal of the ideas, expectations and responsibilities surrounding the employee/employer relationship have been altered, many of them are now obsolete.


With this new economy comes new challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is how we view our health. Our parents worked at clock in and clock out type brick and mortar companies. They had set schedules that operated from 9-5. They accrued sick time, had paid vacation and health benefits.  They had payroll departments that took out money for things like taxes!  Now we are independent contractors. We are responsible for all of these things ourselves.


There are new health challenges.

Due  to the changing occupational environment workers are going to be presented with a whole new dynamic in regards to occupational health. It is up to us the teachers to be aware.


The mission of this site is to serve as a resource for these workers.

Though it was started with online teachers in mind, the health practices found in this site will be of benefit to all remote based workers or gig based workers.  

The information on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

The sole purpose of this site is to serve as a resource of online ESL teachers. To educate and promote safe occupational health measures that to enhance the teaching experience.